The Designated Survivor

The Designated Survivor
Genres: Florida, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller
Tags: Florida Mystery Thriller, Recommended Books
Length: 98 Pages
Publisher: Blurb Publishing, Inc.
Publication Year: 2013
ISBN: 9780615857732
The Designated Survivor is a “Road Trip Mystery” that takes its heroine, single mother Tess, from Atlanta, Georgia to Sarasota, Florida to reunite with her daughter. With few options available to her, she hitches a ride on I-75 with a grieving widower who may have his dead wife's body in the trunk.
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An Unreasonable Hitchhiker.
An Unstable Widower.
An Unpredictable Journey.

Watch the Book Trailer

Watch the Book Trailer

Having just escaped from inmate work detail, Tess is on the run and has one goal: get her daughter back. So, hitching a ride to Sarasota, where her daughter is staying, seemed like a good idea at first. That is until she realized her Good Samaritan is clearly suffering from the recent loss of his wife.

As the miles go by and they get closer to Sarasota, she comes to suspect that this crazy widower may in fact be a murderer and they’re transporting a body in the trunk of his car. With the police hot on their trail, Tess isn’t about to let a little murder stand between her and her daughter — no matter how many bodies start piling up.

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