“I Hate Thailand” delivers an engaging narrative within a 5 min video

oliver_smithCheck out this YouTube video about a tourist  (James aka Oliver Smith) visiting Thailand. He loses his VISA and has a really tough and educational vacation. Ultimately, the story is about making judgments and making friends, with some rock throwing at a truck, the kindness of a pretty girl buying drinks, and a whole town looking for his lost bag with lanterns in the middle of the night.

Within the 5 minute narrative, this “story” introduces interesting personalities, tension (with James looking for his lost bag and being unfamiliar with the language and culture) and an incredible arc about finding a new home. The ending is funny and well written — you won’t believe what happened to that pesky bag. I don’t know if this is real world, art imitating life, or if Oliver Smith is just flexing his creative muscles. Either way, it’s very well done.

I’ve watched it four times! If this was a movie trailer, I’d be heading to the theater.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54uzEouACYs&w=560&h=315]

Book Junkies – An online library on Pinterest

libraryWhether you’re an author or a reader, you’ve got to check out this online library! (see what I did there?)

Book Junkies is a Pinterest library devoted to indie and small press publications. There are more than 3,700 pins across 39 boards — that’s Pinterest talk for some odd 3,700 Indie and small press books divided into 38 categories.

Book Junkies was set-up by Louise Wise, a self described Indie Champion.  She lives in the UK, and has written several science fiction romance and contemporary romance novels. She runs a blog called Wise Words, which lives here.

According to Wise, Book Junkies is the only Indie library on the net. It’s definitely the largest one I’ve found. Again — with over 3700 books represented and growing — it’s easy to get lost looking around and reading. Most books are pinned from Amazon.com. Because it’s Pinterest, it’s graphicentric and feels like aisles in a library. I got a kick out of just browsing the titles.

Categories include all the basics (mystery-suspense, fantasy, science fiction, romance, horror, Christian, gay & lesbian, action & adventure, etc.) as well novella and short story boards, also divided into categories. Even for reference, you can find “great blog posts,” “promotional sites for Indie authors,” and “author websites.”

Warning though — don’t click on the link unless you’re prepared to devote some time to exploring the site. Book Junkies is addictive.

screen shot


Check out this website: Kboards.com

kboardsKBoards (formerly Kindle Boards) is a website devoted to all things Kindle, and is the largest independent Kindle user site on the web. It has over 70,000 members and over 2 million posts. The site includes a Kindle user forum, a Kindle blog, and other attributes such as a Top 10 page and a Link-Maker tool. Its forums have boards categorized by genre and focused on Kindle books, accessories, reviews, user tips, and other Kindle-related topics. It also regularly runs exclusive contests and giveaways in cooperation with their Kindle accessory sponsors.

Beyond that, KBoards offers unique (and free) tools for authors, including an active Writer’s Cafe, a sorted list of bestselling KBoards authors, a Book Bazaar to promote indie books, an author services yellow pages to find people for editing and cover graphics, and a KB author books page. They also provide a book profile page  which displays all relevant book information – including online sample reading, customer reviews, video trailers, and more – on a single showcase page.

Kboards is free to sign-up and accessible at kboards.com.

Cool Website: Shelfari.com – Amazon’s version of Good Reads

ShelfariSo, I’m having a slow day at work and started looking for cool websites for readers. That’s when I stumbled upon Shelfari.

Shelfari promotes its “virtual bookshelf” as one of its main features. The virtual bookshelf displays covers of books which the user has entered, with popups to show the user’s book information (review, rating, and tags). Sorting by author, title, date, rating, or review is available to the viewer of the shelf. Users may organize books into different shelves, including already read, currently reading, planning to read, wish list, currently owned, and favorites.

The Shelfari catalog can be edited by users, though some changes must be approved by Shelfari “librarians.”  Shelfari users build virtual bookshelves of the titles they own or have read, and can rate, review, tag, and discuss their books. Users can also create groups that other members may join, create discussions, and talk about books, or other topics. Recommendations can be sent to friends on the site for what books to read.Using wiki functionality users are encouraged to contribute reviews, descriptions, lists of characters and settings, author biographies, categories, and descriptive tags.

Most books in the Shelfari catalog come from the large Amazon catalog, including Amazon Marketplace listings added by independent resellers. These books link back to Amazon and display current pricing and links to AbeBooks for used book sales.


Cool Website: Book Trailer Cinema

Explore, Discover, Watch, Read

BookTrailerCinemaBook Trailer Cinema – The Best Hub for Official Trailers of the Hottest Book Releases

If you are an avid reader and you want to learn more about the hottest book releases, there is no longer a need for you to search further to find the best books that will suit your taste and style. With Book Trailer Cinema, you can now find the official trailers of some of the latest book releases to help you discover and pick the best reads out of the tens of thousands of titles being published every single day!

Reading has always been one of the favorite hobbies of many people of all ages. And as more and more advancements in technology are made and introduced, the way people read their favorite books has also dramatically changed. Today, readers can have the best chance of getting a glimpse of a certain book that interests them before getting a copy of it through the so-called book trailers. With the help of book trailers, you can now have an easier way of choosing books that you will love.

However, there is only a very limited number of resources of these book trailers that you can find today. And this is the reason why Book Trailer Cinema was born.

Created by independent publishers and authors, Book Cinema Trailer is now the leading online destination for all engaged and enthusiastic readers who would like to enjoy easy access to the most entertaining and interesting book trailers.

As the official central hub for all bookworms, Book Trailer Cinema perfectly understands that avid readers are always searching for the best tools and services that can help them find the most interesting books that they can add to their personal library.

With Book Trailer Cinema, everyone can now enjoy exploring, discovering, watching and enjoying quality and top of the line book trailers that you can never find anywhere else!