Investigations: Steps in Investigating the Crime Scene

canstockphoto2235123As your sleuth is poking around, asking questions and tailing suspicious characters, the Homicide Division is probably in the background, conducting their own concurrent investigation. There’s a lot that goes into that and this is a list of some of those steps.

  • Remove body for post mortem
  • Secure the crime scene
  • Take still photos and video of crime scene
  • Take report of first officer on scene
  • Question witnesses separately
  • Describe missing articles
  • Determine angle at which weapon was used
  • Search for physical evidence
  • Determine means of entry
  • Dust for prints
  • Bag and tag evidence
  • Search for trace evidence
  • Search for murder weapon(s)
  • Medical Examiner/coroner examines the body
  • Identify victim
  • Establish time of death
  • Check last 24-hours of victim’s life
  • Identify persons of interest
  • Seize questioned documents


The Homicide Division will act quickly. That first twenty-four hours are critical. Each day that passes without an arrest reduces the likelihood of solving the crime and apprehending the murderer.


5 thoughts on “Investigations: Steps in Investigating the Crime Scene

  1. I used to transcribe reports for the FWPD. One of the fingerprint analyzers (a retired officer) and his wife were found murdered in their house when they did a welfare check on him because he hadn’t shown up to work. Everyone was in shock, but they did their jobs well. (And the murderer was apprehended.)

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