5 Ideas to generate book reviews

Sometimes I feel more excited about the reviews on my books than the checks from Amazon. To an extent, I’m sure every author feels the same way. However, it can be tough getting readers to write one. Personally, it looks like my numbers for ‘Prey of Desire’ are one review in twenty sales.

So if you’re like me and looking for a way to increase reviews, here are a few tips I’ve found that work:

Confounded Critic: Should I write a bad review?

Hi JC,

Have you ever written a bad review for someone’s book? I only write reviews on books I like and say nothing if I don’t like it. However I think I just finished the worst book ever written. This book is a case study in how NOT to write a novel. The author in me says, “It’s not my place to say something bad about another author’s work.” The reader in me says, “Warn people not to spend $2.99 on this mess.”

So what should I do?

Confounded Critic

Turmoiling in Obscurity: “When is enough enough?”

Dear JC,

Just curious, but do you ever think you’re really not that good and should probably just quit? I spend a year of my life writing a book, rewriting it, getting it edited, then publishing. Just so nothing happens. I feel like I’m just plugging away in a vacuum and watching a sale pop up every few weeks. And don’t even get me started on the rentals and returns. Urrrgggghhhhh!

Knowledge is Power: GoodReads for Authors

With the job of marketing falling square on the author’s shoulders nowadays, it seems like most of us are spending more time peddling our books and less time writing new ones. That’s why Good Reads is such an important tool. Michelle Campbell Scott’s Goodreads For Authors: How To Use Goodreads To Promote Your Books is a comprehensive guide to the social networking site.