“I Hate Thailand” delivers an engaging narrative within a 5 min video

oliver_smithCheck out this YouTube video about a tourist  (James aka Oliver Smith) visiting Thailand. He loses his VISA and has a really tough and educational vacation. Ultimately, the story is about making judgments and making friends, with some rock throwing at a truck, the kindness of a pretty girl buying drinks, and a whole town looking for his lost bag with lanterns in the middle of the night.

Within the 5 minute narrative, this “story” introduces interesting personalities, tension (with James looking for his lost bag and being unfamiliar with the language and culture) and an incredible arc about finding a new home. The ending is funny and well written — you won’t believe what happened to that pesky bag. I don’t know if this is real world, art imitating life, or if Oliver Smith is just flexing his creative muscles. Either way, it’s very well done.

I’ve watched it four times! If this was a movie trailer, I’d be heading to the theater.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54uzEouACYs&w=560&h=315]

I made a Book Trailer… Now What?

canstockphoto0897631I produced book trailers for my two novels ( which can be viewed here and here.) I posted the trailers on the obvious sources – my website, Facebook Page, and YouTube channel. Then, I discovered the really hard part: promoting them.

So what’s next? I’ve found a few new places that promote book trailers and thought I’d share them. Please share any resources you’ve found.

New Book Network on YouTube

Book Trailer Matinee on Facebook

“Post Your Book Trailer Here” Message Board on GoodReads

Book Trailers

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