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canstockphoto1499758There are three kinds of sleuths in a murder mystery:

  1. Law Enforcement – the city cop, sheriff, deputy, district attorney, Federal agent or military law enforcer
  2. Private Investigator – the hired PI, the retired or ex-cop
  3. Amateur Sleuth – lawyer,  reporter, any private citizen who gets accidentally involved or has a vested interest and chooses to become involved in the criminal investigation

Personally, the Amateur Sleuth is my favorite to read and, as an author, I love coming up with all kinds of ways to plunge my Protagonist into the throws of a good murder investigation. Here are a few ideas that I’ve collected over the years.

Giving your Amateur Sleuth reason to solve the murder

  • Comes to aid of another
  • Curiosity
  • Defense Attorney seeks the truth
  • Hired as a bounty hunter
  • Hired to find a suspect
  • Mistaken identity
  • To bring a crime to police’s attention
  • To claim a reward
  • To get an exclusive story
  • To settle an old score
  • To write a book
  • Prevent own demise
  • Protect another from harm
  • Prove another’s innocence
  • Prove a crime was committed
  • Prove own innocence when suspected of the murder


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