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Book reviewer and blogger, Jessica Belmont, read and reviewed H_NGM_N and gave it a 5-star review.

“Wow. WOW. H_NGM_N by JC Gatlin was intense, addicting, fast-paced…all from the very beginning. I might have held my breath through the entire book. I know one thing, I didnt sleep. I had to keep reading. There was no pause where I felt like I could leave this one…I just needed to finish the story.

JC Gatlin knows how to hook you. He leads you on a dark, twisting road that you don’t want to get off. I read this one late into the night, and I’ll be honest, it spooked me. It’s such a compelling novel and I’m now a huge fan of JC Gatlin!

I highly recommend checking out H_NGM_N, especially if you love dark, twisted, novels you won’t be able to put down. A 5 star read for me!”

You can read her full review here.


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