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A2Z-BADGE-0002014-small_zps8300775cCheck out this cool blogging challenge. Nearly 2,000 bloggers have signed-up to participate in April 2014. This is a great opportunity to get exposure for your website and connect to other writers and bloggers.

According to their website:

“You would start beginning April First with a topic themed on something with the letterA, then on April second another topic with the letter B as the theme, and so on until you finish on April thirtieth with the theme based on the letter Z.  It doesn’t even have to be a word–it can be a proper noun, the letter used as a symbol, or the letter itself.  The theme of the day is the letter scheduled for that day.”

I’ve signed-up for the challenge, and will attempt to write 26 murder mystery topics.

For more information, check out their website at

Hurry. The deadline is approaching fast.


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