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BooktrailerI spent about a week putting this together and a total investment of $212, but it’s now ready for the grand premiere: The PREY OF DESIRE book trailer!

The narrative follows the back cover description, and I really tried to give the potential reader a strong idea of the plot. That’s one of the things that always bugs me about other book trailers — after watching, I still have no idea what the story is about. I hope the text images are visually interesting, as there is no voice over. Like the book, you have to read the trailer.

The photos come from a royalty free graphics website and, let me tell you, I had to get creative to maintain continuity. I hope it works. I had some fun and took some liberties with Photoshop. (Be on the look out for the old man whose head turns in the restaurant.) The background music was the most expensive component of this trailer. Again, I purchased it from a royalty free website. I felt it set the appropriate suspenseful, slightly creepy and mysterious mood.

Overall, this was a lot of fun to create and provides solid marketing collateral to promote the book across social media platforms. It gives me something to show people at book fairs and conferences. And the next time someone asks me what the book is about, I can flip it up on my tablet and hand it to the inquisitive consumer.

Now… prepare to have your socks knocked off. 🙂

[wpvideo OwdqANKo]

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