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The Designated Survivor Cover PhotoI put together a quick clip to promote ‘The Designated Survivor.’ It’s uploaded on YouTube, GoodReads and Amazon.

Last year, when I wrote this book, I hadn’t yet caught on to the importance of having a book trailer. The terms “book” and “trailer” don’t go together, until said book is optioned by Hollywood. Or you’re talking about The Trailer Park Princess and the Middle Finger of Fate by my friend, Kim Hunt Harris.

But after attending Sleuthfest 2014,  I realized that most successful authors have a book trailer that offers readers a video snapshot into the story. It’s also great promotion across social media oulets.

It’s interesting —  and entertaining — how these trailers swing from big-budget, pseudo movie trailers, to straight-forward author interviews, to inventive Indie ventures. Done right, the book trailer is essentially a short film that adds a new dimension to the back of the book summary and piques the reader’s attention.

Here’s my latest “short film.” Any feedback?

[wpvideo 5M7JEjH5]


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