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The Number One question I’ve been getting from readers about H_NGM_N has been, “Where can I find the true crime books Tori reads?” Tori solves the murder of her childhood friend by comparing the clues she finds to clues found in the true crime books she’s read. Well, the truth is—I made those books up! They aren’t real.

But to further blur the line between fiction and reality, I made mock covers for the books.

Her Last Breath by Priscilla Prescott

Lynda Lyon, the wife of a CEO and mother of four, is found dead, hanging from the attic ceiling. She tied a belt around her neck and apparently committed suicide. When police investigated, they found that her husband had staged the suicide.

Carnage in the Classroom by Elanor DeWitt

An elementary school teacher is found dead at her desk when students arrived for class one morning. It appeared she had been stabbed, and the school janitor was the last person to see her the night before. He was the obvious suspect — until the teacher’s relationship with the married school principal comes to light.

And The She Was Gone by Priscilla Prescott

A pregnant wife disappears, and it looks like the cheating husband has murdered her. Turns out it was the other woman’s boyfriend who was framing the husband. It’s never the most obvious suspect.

Death in the Deep End by Joyce Jansen

A high society wife appears to have drowned in her backyard pool. Turns out the neighbor murdered her over an ongoing argument about their property line.

Unnatural Causes by Priscilla Prescott

A caregiver is found to have murdered her elderly patient, even though it appeared the old lady had died of natural causes.

Obviously Priscilla Prescott is her favorite True Crime author. It might be fun to have Tori meet her and have the two team-up to solve a murder!

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