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How-I-Made-Over-42k-Selling-My-Kindle-Books-by-Cheryl-Kaye-Tardif-200x300I downloaded this book over a year and a half ago, and not because I thought I’d really make $42,000 in one month. I was looking for direction on how to establish an author platform.

Since I was familiar with mystery author Cheryl Tardif I started with her book, How I Made Over $42,000 in 1 Month. There’s good advice here for launching an author platform. She touches on maintaining a blog, using Twitter and setting up a Facebook author page. However, the focus of the book is on Amazon’s KDP Select. She describes her experiences and successes with the system. The books excels at explaining how the program works and understanding how to utilize it.

Unfortunately, this is an established author with a following describing her experiences. I appreciate the candor that Tardif puts forth, describing her sales as “modest” until she used KDP Select back in 2012. Today, things have changed on Amazon. I wouldn’t expect authors just starting out to experience the same results.

I still believe it’s a great starting point though. And I also believe it would be worth a reread some 18 months later, as I’ve implemented many of the suggestions in her book. With some experience under my belt, I’ll probably discover some tips that went over my head when I was just starting out.

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