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As a valued reader, you’re getting a sneak peek of Chapter One. I’ve posted it on Wattpad, a free app (and website) that lets readers and writers discover and share stories. Darkness Hides releases April 27th.

Chapter One

August 31

An hour before dawn on an unusually warm Sunday morning, Jasper Wade reversed his truck and trailer toward the concrete ramp at Corman’s Launch and guided his boat into the dark waters of Tampa Bay. He really couldn’t see much more than a grey curling mist in the pre-dawn light, settling over the bank and cloaking the water’s surface. In the distance, the twin smokestacks of the power plant lit-up with yellow lights. They twinkled like stars, but didn’t provide much light.

He didn’t need them anyway. He maneuvered by way of instinct and muscle memory. How many times had he repeated this early morning ritual? Too many to count. In a minute and a half, he’d backed onto the sloping ramp and edged his boat into the water, coming to a stop at just the right point. After forty-five years, he could’ve done it blindfolded. And in that time, as far as he could remember, he’d never had the jitters.

Until now.

This morning.

For some reason, his hand trembled, as if some sixth sense deep in his psyche transmitted a Morse code warning. Maybe it was that hurricane churning in the Gulf. The morning news warned it could hit the area, but it was days away–provided it didn’t turn northwest and hit the panhandle or the Alabama coast instead, which most of the models predicted. Besides, the Bay looked calm now. Not so much as a breeze. He laughed the thought away and shook his hand.


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