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canstockphoto1509708We all get stuck with writer’s block. And who hasn’t gotten bogged down in the murky middle? If you find yourself stuck, it’s good to stop, brain storm and think about “what if…” Ask a few questions to get those creative juices flowing again. Here are fifteen “What If…” questions you can ask to spur your imagination and hopefully get those fingers back on the keyboard.

What if…

  1. A character makes a startling revelation?
  2. The sleuth is tricked?
  3. There is a reversal of fortune and/or power?
  4. A supporting character dies or is found dead?
  5. There is an act of betrayal?
  6. There is an act of forgiveness?
  7. There is an act of self sacrifice?
  8. A past lover suddenly shows up?
  9. A trusted ally turns out to be an enemy?
  10. You changed the murderer’s identity?
  11. A storm knocked out the power?
  12. A character who was thought dead suddenly showed up alive?
  13. The sleuth’s significant other or most trusted friend abruptly leaves in anger? Or dies?
  14. The character’s greatest fear is realized?
  15. A character loses an arm or leg?
  16. The Sleuth gets sick or poisoned?

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