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canstockphoto2235123As your sleuth is poking around, asking questions and tailing suspicious characters, the Homicide Division is probably in the background, conducting their own concurrent investigation. There’s a lot that goes into that and this is a list of some of those steps.

  • Remove body for post mortem
  • Secure the crime scene
  • Take still photos and video of crime scene
  • Take report of first officer on scene
  • Question witnesses separately
  • Describe missing articles
  • Determine angle at which weapon was used
  • Search for physical evidence
  • Determine means of entry
  • Dust for prints
  • Bag and tag evidence
  • Search for trace evidence
  • Search for murder weapon(s)
  • Medical Examiner/coroner examines the body
  • Identify victim
  • Establish time of death
  • Check last 24-hours of victim’s life
  • Identify persons of interest
  • Seize questioned documents


The Homicide Division will act quickly. That first twenty-four hours are critical. Each day that passes without an arrest reduces the likelihood of solving the crime and apprehending the murderer.

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