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canstockphoto15905327Every murder mystery begins with one event: The Murder. And yeah, the gun shot, deadly poison and hit & run are all classics, but there’s still a lot of inventive, interesting triggers besides the one on that smoking gun. Have you ever watched ‘Final Destination’ (or 2, 3, 4, 5, for that matter)? How boring would those movies be if they limited the Grim Reaper to just the classics?

Here’s a list of 24 ideas to get your Chapter One off with a, er, bang.

  • Attacked by a vicious dog
  • Beaten by monkeys at the zoo
  • Blown to pieces by exploding barbecue grill
  • Buried alive
  • Bitten by a poisonous animal, such as spider, insect or snake
  • Bridge collapse
  • Crushed by swinging neon sign
  • Crushed by getting foot caught in escalator
  • Crushed by falling weights at the gym
  • Drowning by getting toe caught in pool drain
  • Exploding oxygen tanks
  • Gas leak & exploding House
  • Hit by bus
  • Hit in head by concrete planter or gargoyle
  • Head caught by malfunction elevator doors
  • Incinerated during a plane explosion
  • Roller coaster derailment
  • Shot by nail gun
  • Sucked out of an airplane
  • Smashed between subway and tunnel wall
  • Slipped on bath water, caught in bathtub by curtain wire & strangled
  • Trapped, incinerated in malfunction tanning beds
  • Withholding needed medication
  • Wood chipper accident

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