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Are you looking for a new mystery to read? Here are five websites to checkout to find that next page turner.

New in Books
NewInBooks collects a weekly list of new mystery and suspense novels and delivers them to your inbox for free. The website features Book News, Interviews, and Giveaways.

Map Your Mystery
Where in the world does your crime take place? MapYourMystery segregates its books by the state it’s set in. So, looking for a mystery set in Florida? Arizona? Colorado? This site will take you there.

Mystery Sequels
Mystery Sequels is a resource site for all mystery series, thrillers, and suspense book fans who enjoy reading the series books in order. Here you will find a list of popular mystery authors, book reviews, interviews, stories and news from the mystery/thriller fiction world. New authors are added based on popularity and readers requests.

Mystery People
MysteryPeople is a destination for mystery and crime fiction lovers to find out what’s new and noteworthy on the shelves from our genre experts, and a place to learn about books and authors the major chains may ignore. It’s a hub of information, expertise, and connections to great writers.

Lesa’s Book Critiques
Lesa is a mystery columnist for Library Journal, Mystery Readers Journal, and She loves sharing books and authors with her followers, with an emphasis on mysteries.


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