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Goodreads Ad – Saturday, July 13, 2019

I started a Goodreads Ad Campaign to promote H_NGM_N. I’ll be logging the results of this marketing endeavor to see what works and what doesn’t. It’s kind of a science experiment.

The self-Serve advertising allows you to create and target an ad that appears on the right column of the website. According to Goodreads, this tool allows you to;

  • Easily create an ad for your book or product.
  • Add credit to your account by prepaying. Each time someone clicks your ad, the bid will be deducted from your Goodreads account.
  • Your ads will show on Goodreads in locations where members are searching for and exploring books.
  • Target your ad by book genre, location, gender, or age.
  • View custom stats for your ad to see views, clicks, and the number of Goodreads members who add your book. Watch as Goodreads’ virality helps your books numbers grow via word of mouth.

To start, here’s what I setup:

  • Start at 2019-07-13
  • End at when credit runs out
  • Credit $150.00
  • Daily cap $10.00
  • Pay Per Click: $0.50

The ad has an image of the book cover and the following copy (which is limited to 140 characters):

  • Do you like Carl Hiaasen and Randy Wayne White? Check out this new FLORIDA MYSTERY SUSPENSE novel

I set the audience to target Genres: Adult Fiction, Book Club, Crime, Ebooks, Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, and Young-adult.

Here’s my dashboard:

UPDATE  Changed Ad Copy – Monday, July 15

The ad has been up for 48 hours now, and here’s how it’s doing…
  • Spent $0.00
  • Views 188
  • Clicks 0
  • CTR 0.0%
  • CPC $0.00
Okay…something isn’t working. 188 views and 0 clicks!
I suspect that since I setup my target audience to focus on readers of genres (such as Mystery, Suspense, and Thriller) that my ad copy isn’t working. Ad copy mentioning Carl Hiaasen and Randy Wayne White should be targeting fans of those authors. I might try that later, but for now, I’m revising the ad copy.
Here’s the change I’m making:
  • A staged suicide? Text message from the deceased? When is murder like a game of Hangman? First book in a new Florida Mystery Suspense series

Now we’ll see if this improves the results.

UpdateFirst Click Through – Wednesday, July 17

Looks like I have my first click-through on the ad.

Here’s my current stats:

  • Views: 1534 (1346 since ad copy was changed)
  • Clicks: 1

Seems like something needs to be improved.

Update – Click Status – Tuesday, July 23

Here’s my current stats:

  • Views: 9875
  • Clicks: 1

Okay… This is positively dismal.

I Googled running a Self-Serve Goodreads Ad and read a few articles. I probably should have done this research before beginning the ad, but live and learn. Here’s my new plan:

Tweak 1: Run two ads under the same campaign

  • Target 5 genres in the first ad
  • Target 8 to 10 comparable, well-known authors in the second ad

Tweak 2:  Setup a giveaway to run with your ads

  • Run the giveaway for a month
  • Ask your fans to follow your author page in the giveaway section

Tweak 3: Add a Call to Action in both ads

  • “Click to read more”
  • “Add to Your Shelf”
  • “Enter to Win”

I’m making these changes now.






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