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Every murder
has a story


Some games leave clues.
Others leave bodies…

When Tampa newscaster, Tori Younger, learns that her childhood friend committed suicide, she has no interest in returning to her rural hometown to attend the services. However, cryptic text messages from the dearly departed’s cell phone change her mind.

Returning home, Tori follows the clues sent to her in the odd text messages until she learns that her friend didn’t commit suicide but was murdered…


Murder complicated Kate’s life. Then the hurricane hit…

Twelve months ago, a violent injury ended Kate Park’s career with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. Now she’s returned home to her little beach town to heal and, hopefully, mend the relationship with her estranged sister. But time is running out.

As the town preps for an approaching hurricane, Kate stumbles into a mystery—a series of murders with only one thing in common: a connection to her sister.

Coming April 27th


From murky swamps to sunny beaches, the exotic locales of Florida provide the backdrop to JC Gatlin’s five tales of suspense and mystery, all available in paperback, ebook, and audio.




As the Florida West Coast braces for a Category 4 hurricane, a former Fish and Wildlife Officer finds a string of corpses that have only one thing in common: a connection to her estranged sister.


About Me:
Florida Mystery Suspense Author

I live in Tampa. All my stories are set in Florida.

However, I’m originally from Texas; I grew up in Grapevine, a small town just outside of Dallas. In addition to bass fishing and boot stomping, I raised a male African lion named Hakeem. To read more about Hakeem, and more about me than you’ll ever want to know, click below!



Exclusive preview of DARKNESS HIDES

Meet Kate Parks, a former Fish & Wildlife Officer who is now working as a boat safety inspector for the Sienna Key Police Department. In this chapter, she is hunkered down in her childhood home with her sister, Elise, as Hurricane Sebastian makes landfall.

Meet Elise Tyler, Kate’s younger sister who is still grieving the loss of her son Noah. She refused to evacuate, and Kate had hoped to convince her to leave before it was too late. 

Read the sample chapter before the storm hits and all escape routes are blocked. The mystery drops on April 27th.

Darkness Hides will be available in eBook and paperback.

JC’s Book Recommendation: Shadow Ridge

M.E. Browning, an amazing mystery author and personal friend, released Shadow Ridge last fall, the first book in her new Jo Wyatt Mystery series.  

Jo Wyatt is a female police detective making her mark in a male dominated profession, and it isn’t easy. She was passed over for a promotion to captain that went to–of all people–her ex-husband. Of course, he’s all to quick to dismiss her judgement when she questions the recent suicide of a video game developer as a possible murder. Investigating the case leads to her taking a sarcastic college student under her wing and ferreting out suspects who all have reasons to see the developer dead–and Jo too if she gets too close to the truth. 

This mystery is fast paced and well written. The Colorado setting and mix of drama and comedy really pulls you in. You’ll be turning pages. The mystery unfolds scene by scene, leading to a deadly showdown.

Best of all, Jo is an interesting, complicated character–as interesting as the author. Micki Browning is a retired police captain who lives in South Florida. Her experiences and scuba diving hobby inspire (and even factor into) her books. I highly recommend Shadow Ridge and just wish I hadn’t been so wrapped up in my own book that it took me a few months to get to it. Now I’m looking forward to the next book in the series releasing later this year.

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