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canstockphoto4542744Granted, the focus of the mystery is, well, solving the murder. However, a romantic subplot can enrich your story, adding humor, tension, suspense and character development. In interwoven subplots, the outcome of the main story will in some way depend on the outcome of the subplot.

The following is a list of premises that can be interwoven into the main plot. When the idea is added to the basic formula “Boy meets Girl, Boy loses Girl, Boy gets Girl,” you can start to see how the plot would develop. There are endless variations on this theme and it’s as trite and mundane as your characters, plot, and resolution.

  1. An individual is in love with someone who doesn’t know the individual even exists
  2. Lovers are kept apart by external forces, such as disaster, family feud, misfortune, or war,
  3. Lovers are forced apart by a misunderstanding
  4. Lovers are separated because of another person’s deceit
  5. Two people with a similar weakness, addiction, losses find strength and love in one another
  6. Two people from different worlds, cultures, classes, positions, politics, religions, or nationalities find themselves attracted to each other
  7. A person falls in love with someone who is secretly terminally ill
  8. An individual is forced to marry someone he doesn’t love to protect the person he does love
  9. Two people, each engaged/married to another person, fall in love
  10. Two competitors who initially dislike one another grow to harbor deep feelings for each other
  11. A couple who never considered themselves more than good friends discover their feelings run much deeper
  12. Two childhood sweethearts rediscover each other and rekindle that old spark
  13. An individual falls in love with someone who won’t commit because of having to hide a secret
  14. An employee falls in love with the boss, or vice versa
  15. A trusted friend, associate or investigator falls in love with the person he or she was hired to watch
  16. A divorced or separated couple discovers how much they really need or care for one another
  17. An individual falls in love with a photograph of another and seeks to find that person
  18. A young person falls in love with an older person, or vice versa
  19. A brief encounter occurs between two people who know their love can never be
  20. A loner is in love with his best friend’s girl

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