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913tWyXiosL._SL1500_I just purchased a copy of Library of Dreams on Amazon.

This inaugural short story collection from PSG Publishing contains the work of fourteen authors from six different countries, covering every corner of the literary dreamscape. One of those stories, “Mina’s Sactuary,” was written by a WattPad friend, Tim McFarlane.

“Mina’s Sanctuary” finds a teenage girl (who witnesses bullying at school, indifference at home and sanctuary in her paintings) embarking on an adventure in a magical realm of midevil castles, wicked witches and talking animal sidekicks. The narrative references Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass” as inspiration, and evokes the imagery of a Disney cartoon. And like Disney, Mina (whose full name is Philomina, but she really hates being called that) must find confidence and courage to complete her journey.

Proceeds from sales of the Library of Dreams will be donated to LitWorld, a non-profit literacy organization. For more information, visit

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