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8 Rules for Writing Dialog

8 Rules for Writing Dialog

Writing dialogue isn’t as easy. Our characters can’t speak the same way we talk…else there, um, would be–well, I guess, it’d just be hard to kinda like, you know, follow. Character conversations are direct and to the point. They convey...

5 Mistakes killing your book

I’ve been reading some Indie novels in a GoodReads review group and I’ve noticed several common writing mistakes. Some of them seem very remedial for published authors, and I wanted to call them out on it. Instead, I held back. So, I’m going to post them here. Writing...

5 Dialog Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

This may read like Grammar 101, but I see these mistakes in a lot of unpublished, new author’s works. Unfortunately, these mistakes scream “Amateur!” and hurt the author’s chances of getting published. If these rules are elementary, skip them....

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