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Eric Piburn turned 12 years old today, and has been dealing with health problems his entire life. He’s had four heart surgeries and is in need of a heart and double-lung transplant. Instead of focusing on the bad though, he threw a public party to assist with medical funds.

There were some exciting names on the guest list. Darth Vader and his entourage arrived and got the party started. (I’m the one in the shorts.)

I got to hang out with Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Avengers around the fire pit.

Then Darth Vader took issue with a Gasparilla Pirate and interrupted the party with a light saber vs pirate saber duel.

A good time was had by all. If you want to learn more about Eric Piburn, check out this FOX 13 article: 11-year-old keeps himself busy during hospital visits with acts of kindness.




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