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Girl ReadingPrey of Desire was reviewed by the book review site Long & Short Reviews. They wrote:

Prey of Desire is a psychological thriller that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Mysteries abound and there is a cast of characters who are each rather weird in their own way, so there are myriad suspects. I had the mystery all solved, several times, actually, but none of my solutions were the right one. I was totally fooled and the ending really took me by surprise.

Kim is a college student who broke up with her long-time boyfriend, but she wants him back. Even when her neighbor and friend, Mallory, sets her up on various blind dates, Kim resists. She keeps getting messages from Ross and she is sure they will get back together.

The tension builds on every page. People seem to be following Kim or staring at her. The descriptions are so real that I wouldn’t want to read this novel at night. It was definitely scary. Knowing that there had been other victims twenty-five years ago and knowing that the murderer was still striking in the same horrible way drives the story forward even though Kim herself has little knowledge of the past or the other victims.

The characters are well portrayed and they all seem very real, although many are not people that I would ever want to meet. Some are just wild, like Mallory, but some have serious problems. I was very glad that Kim has Zeus, a Doberman, although she certainly does have her hands filled trying to manage him.

The plot is filled with twists and turns, taking things in directions that I never expected. Mysterious phone calls, love notes, gifts, keep appearing and Kim thinks they are from Ross, but … who is actually sending these messages?

Readers of mystery thrillers are sure to be captured by this heart-stopping book. I just wouldn’t recommend reading it after dark.

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