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Darkness Hides, the new mystery by JC Gatlin, is coming soon!

Darkness Hides is planned for a spring-summer 2021 release. The publisher, Millford House, is holding off publication until I can promote the book at conferences, fairs, and library events. Understandably, those type of events have all been eighty-sixed due to the pandemic. Darkness Hides is about a Florida Fish and Wildlife Officer who investigates a series of murders that seem to center around her estranged sister as a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico barrels down her little beach town.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on a sequel to H_NGM_N: Murder is the Word. The new book will see Tori travel with RJ to his hometown to attend his mother’s wedding. When the fiancée turns up murdered, the duo will have a new mystery to solve. Like H_NGM_N, there will be a paranormal edge that complicates matters.

I’ve planned four sequels to H_NGM_N, and have an outline for the third book. I’ll begin that one as soon as I email the current sequel to the publisher.

More info to come on Darkness Hides (including a book trailer) and the H_NGM_N sequels in the coming months.

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